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Add a product (an outdoor light) to the project below or create a new project.
Select a product configuration and let the solar simulator run.


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The project name appears on submittal packages and helps you identify one project from another. Changing the address only changes the displayed text and does not change the Latitude and Longitude. To change the location you need to create a new project but you only need to do this if the new location is many miles away from the current location because the simulations are based on insolation data that is only accurate to within a minute of a degree of latitude or longitude.


Outdoor Lighting Product Selector X

The choices in the Product Configuration section provide a convenient way to compare outdoor lighting products. They are configured to your specifications and guaranteed to be sustainable for the project location.

When you select a fixture type then your other choices such as light distribution will change.

One good way to get more lumens is to select a different Operating Profile. Try a profile that is not running all night and you will get more output.

This Outdoor Lighting Product Selector will always find the best output for the project location and for your choices. With CREE fixtures you may also adjust the Optimize for Lumens or Cost option.

  • The lumens choice will drive the system as hard as possible to get the most light. This often means adding more LED units (light bars) to the system even though they only add a few hundred more lumens.
  • The cost choice selects a sustainable configuration but only adds light bars as needed. Each light bar, when run at full power, consumes a certain level of energy. This cost option only adds a light bar if it can be driven at full power.
  • The third limit choice lets you set the upper limit on the number of LEDs. The limit option will only add up to but no more than this limit.

A typical way to use the Optimize for Lumens or Cost option is to first select the maximize choice. Then, for the product you want, look at the number of LEDs. Next select the limit choice and set the limit to a smaller number of LEDs. See if the resulting lumens are adequate for your project.


Outdoor Lighting Product Selector X

The choices in the Results section provide a convenient way see the overall results and to limit which products you want to see in the display.

This Outdoor Lighting Product Selector tells you which products support a particular configuration. For example, only the EG products support the both Cree and LSG fixtures while the EverGEN support the Cree fixtures. Another example is how the EverGEN products support the full range of operating profiles while the EG products support a smaller set.

Next this selector tells you if the product configuration is sustainable in the project location. In other words, is there enough solar power (insolation) for the light.

  • The Valid Config column indicates if the product supports the configuration choices.
  • The Sustainable column indicates if the configuration choices can be sustained in the project location.
  • The Lumens column tells you how many lumens are sustainable.
  • The LEDs column tells you how LEDS are needed to provide the lumens.

Check the products you want to include in the Simulate column. Hide all products unless they are both valid and sustain using the only show useful products checkbox.

This Outdoor Lighting Product Selector will remember your settings for the next time you come to use this tool.